~Dante Alighieri, The Inferno

In a world of contrasts, of beauty and horror, of truth and deceit, of virtue and sin, of light and of dark, there often lies little gray between opposites, though the boundaries that divide them may, nevertheless, be difficult to distinguish. It therefore becomes of paramount importance to keep a constant vigil on one’s place in such a world, or else it may one day be discovered that one has crossed over into the opposing realm unaware.

And when one has striven to combat the evils of the world, one must not fail to recognize the evils that lurk from within. For, more often than not, this has been the true downfall of man. Let it be known that one’s own reflection pales in comparison to that which others can see with perfect clarity. And let it not be forgotten that in this Realm of Dread, many are the things that go bump…

…in the Dead of the Night

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